Construction Equipment Fabrication

The construction industry relies on metalworking businesses like Midland metal to have the talented and experienced professionals needed to fabricate heavy equipment.
We offer a wide range of construction equipment fabrication, heavy construction equipment fabrication, structural steel fabrication, and structure works fabrication.

Our materials include:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • More materials available upon request

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We process sheet metal, wire, and tubes to create manufacturing solutions that can suit many needs. Call us at 773-927-5700 to discuss your construction quote. 

Midland Metal Products is the number one construction equipment fabrication business in Indiana. Our equipment manufacturing capabilities cover numerous industries, and hundreds of local business owners trust us to meet their parts fabrication needs. You can find our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Hammond, Indiana.

Since our founding in 1923, our manufacturing footprint has expanded to include digital print, packaging, assembly, and cutting, earning us an ISO9001:2015 certification from the EAGLE Certification Group. This bi-annual accolade guarantees that our customers get the highest-quality parts from our facilities.

Finished Products and Fabrication

We supply finished products for a broad range of local and international industries, such as:

  • Warehouse shelving and tanks for beverage suppliers
  • Store displays for food stalls and restaurants
  • Parts for consumer electronics
  • Card and literature displays for holiday retailers
  • Health and beauty product casings and racks
  • Gardening and home improvement materials
  • Food-grade pet care supplies
  • Office tools
  • And much more

Our expert metalworkers have years of experience making all types of construction tools that help shape the future of residential living and commercial structures. Aluminum and stainless steel are the tools of our trade, but we offer a broad range of plastics, wood, and metals to match your specific needs. Our construction equipment fabrication services include:

  • Subassemblies and burn-to-shape parts
  • Structure works fabrication
  • Structural steel fabrication

These services allow us to manufacture construction parts like:

  • Safety platforms for window cleaners and builders
  • Ladders and staircases
  • Racks and stands
  • Robot risers and machine bases
  • Lifts and stands for welders
  • Commercial and residential kitchen ventilation hoods
  • Enclosures from sheet metal

Cost-Efficient Heavy Equipment Fabrication in Indiana

We are proud providers of cost-efficient heavy equipment fabrication services to local businesses in Indiana. We create parts that endure years of abuse and heavy usage.

Our local manufacturing facility can construct heavy plate assemblies and components that comply with the most stringent global standards. Our parts engineers will be happy to source your material of choice and meet 100% of your specifications.

As the number one name in Indiana for precision manufacturing, we enjoy close ties with raw material suppliers, which allow us to get large quantities of the following components at more cost-efficient rates than individual contractors:

  • Brass for trim pieces, architectural flourishes, and cartridges
  • Carbon steel for aviation maintenance and construction
  • Aluminum for forging, coils, wires, pipes, and heavy plates
  • Hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel for hardscapes, bollards, and site furnishings

Construction Industry Equipment Fabrication Methods

Our construction equipment fabrication methods allow us to meet every project deadline without spending over agreed-upon budgets. Our metalworking and cutting facilities are energy efficient and well-maintained. With the low bulk prices we enjoy from our raw material vendors, you get rates for quality parts that you will not find anywhere else.

Our cutting facility can create food processing equipment, pharmaceutical installations, mining implements, and military materials that meet 100% of client engineering specifications. We use the latest laser and plate cutting equipment to speed up our work process. We are also experts in:

  • Shearing
  • Oxy-fuel flame cutting
  • Miter Sawing
  • Production sawing
  • CNC machining
  • Press brake forming
  • Bump forming
  • And many more

Work with the Leaders of the Indiana Construction Equipment Industry Today

Midland Metal Products is a trusted partner for many construction companies as a leading construction equipment fabrication team. Call us for a custom quote and consultation.

Partner with the best distributor of construction metal equipment in Hammond, IN. We have over 100 years of professional experience in heavy equipment fabrication. Call us today at 773-927-5700.